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Clean Your Beach: 2023 Jacksonville Beach Clean Ups

June 2023

Jacksonville, Florida is known for its 20+ miles of beautiful coastline, making the beaches a go-to spot year-round. With so many local and out-of-town visitors frequenting them daily, trash being left behind is inevitable. 

In order to preserve what makes our city so popular, we need to come together to keep our beaches clean. At George Moore Chevrolet, we’re committed to giving back to the beautiful earth we call home. This summer, before setting up camp at the beach for the day, participate in one of these local clean-ups! 

June 8th is World Ocean Day 

With over 7.25 million tons of plastic waste in the ocean across the planet, 15% ends up on our beaches. Each year on June 8th, people around the world participate in beach clean-ups raising awareness for the pollution that plagues our oceans today. Find a beach clean-up near you on World Ocean Day, or unite the community and plan your own. 

List your event on World Ocean Day’s website and use their guides and resources to find volunteers to join you. As people come together across the world for the greater good of the planet, join in on the fun and be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

Head to the Beach on July 5th 

The 4th of July is a peak summer holiday that attracts thousands of people to the beaches of Northeast Florida. With the influx of visitors, we can expect an increased amount of litter in the water and along the shore. 

The City of Jacksonville is hosting multiple beach clean-ups following the holiday weekend. Volunteers can sign up to participate at the Atlantic Boulevard or Beach Boulevard beach accesses from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. 

Participants must be 18 years or older or accompanied by an adult. Advance registration is not required, as signups will occur at the event. Incorporate a beach clean-up into your July 4th weekend plans. 

The Beach Squad also hosts cleanups every Sunday in Daytona Beach, FL. Participants of all ages are welcome, and buckets and trash bags are provided on-site. Join the team from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Sun Splash Park on South Atlantic Avenue to participate. 

Host Your Own!

Our beaches are open to the public each day. If you can’t find a beach clean-up that fits into your schedule, host your own! This can be as simple as taking an hour-long walk on the beach while picking up litter. All you’ll need is some motivation and a bag or bucket to collect the trash. 

Invite your friends and family to participate as a way of spending time together while doing something positive for your community. You’ll feel accomplished and productive, and you can celebrate afterward with a beach day!

Use resources from organizations like World Ocean Day to promote your clean-up. Spread the word by getting friends involved, posting on social media, and alerting local organizations of your plans.

Get Further Involved 

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with environmental and preservation groups in Jacksonville and do your part in keeping our community clean. Beaches Go Green is a local nonprofit that focuses on spreading awareness and education on the impact that waste has on our community. 

The nonprofit hosts beach clean-ups, educational seminars, and other activities centered around encouraging people to make small changes in their daily life to contribute to a larger, more positive impact on the environment. 

Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Council is Jacksonville’s affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. Its mission is centered around enhancing community pride and quality of life through the continuous beautification of Jacksonville. This council meets bi-monthly and organizes community-wide beach clean-ups.

Bring Moore Love to Jacksonville

Show your community Moore Love by helping maintain its beauty. With so many visitors each day, there is always a forgotten trash bag or styrofoam cup waiting to be collected on the Jacksonville shorelines. Whether you sign up for a community-sponsored clean-up or choose to do it on your own, visit our website to help you find the perfect car to do your part around town.

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